The website provides individuals with valuable information to be better informed about the digital currency.

London, UK – The increasingly popular website, Bitcoin Simplified, is providing critical information to readers about the worthiness of Bitcoin as an investment.

Bitcoin Simplified is a comprehensive platform dedicated to everything related to Bitcoin.  Visitors to the site don’t need to have any prior knowledge about blockchains or cryptocurrencies in order to understand and navigate the platform.  Instead, Bitcoin Simplified aims to educate readers about the process of mining, purchasing, and selling/trading Bitcoin through informative videos, articles, books, community forum, step-by-step guides, and social media posts.

In the company’s most recent educational mission, Bitcoin Simplified is highlighting the reasons why Bitcoin is a worthy investment.  According to the website’s founder, Naseef Ramzi, Bitcoin is the best returning asset of the decade, outshining every investment including stocks, real estate, oil, gold, commodities, and even corporate bonds.

“$1 invested ten years ago would be worth over $40,000 today,” says Ramzi.  “Though this sole key piece of data highlights the reason why Bitcoin is such a worthy investment, investors are still unsure of the digital currency, with even Goldman Sachs announcing they are scrambling to catch up on Bitcoin.  Clearly, there is still much to be learned, and this is the sole focus of our work.”

When considering whether Bitcoin is a good investment, the first thing to consider is the investor’s level of risk tolerance.  Bitcoin can sometimes be an emotional roller coaster, with portfolios dropping 50% one day, just to experience a 10x rise the next.  While this may be true, Bitcoin as an investment has always increased over the longer term, making it a viable option for nervous investors.

“What people also need to be aware of is that the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Naxkomoto, only supplied 21 million of the digital currency,” Ramzi states.  “This means that when the 21 millionth bitcoin is mined, there will no longer be any left to mine.  Currently, there has been 18.5 million Bitcoin mined, meaning there is only 2.5 million left to be found.  While it is anticipated the last one won’t be found until 2140 due to progressive complexity in mining, basic economics imply that the price will continue to rise, as long as demand stays the same or increases.”

Ramzi’s data also indicates other factors which promote Bitcoin as a worthy investment, such as:

  • Digital currency is now being taken seriously by banks, financial markets, and PayPal
  • Global pandemic has caused society to rely more on digital transactions; building new financial habits
  • US dollar is only continuing to decrease in value; Bitcoin only continues to grow in value

“While Bitcoin isn’t for the cautious investor, it is still the best performing asset of the last decade,” Ramzi says.  “With decreasing collective trust in governments and institutions around the world, however, Bitcoin is an excellent option for those who can see the bigger picture.”

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