Meet Naseeff Ramzi 

I’m Naseeff, a 21-year-old student studying at the University of Portsmouth. In 2016, I came across bitcoin due to a friend’s relative. What intrigued me was that they made a fortune by investing in bitcoin early. I was so intrigued that I spent the past four years learning about the different elements of this emerging technology. I have been researching about all there is to know from how to purchase your first bitcoin to governments printing unlimited money which has led to hyperinflation and the devaluation of most traditional currencies. My research took me across multiple disciplinaries, including finance, technology, politics and history. But it is with the help of these different subject areas that I understand the value bitcoin has to offer, and why the world needs it. And I would like to share the findings of my research with the world. It includes everything from being involved with bitcoin before the hype of investing in it at an early stage. My transformation into a bitcoin enthusiast that educates thousands of users daily is destiny.  

Why I am writing this book 

Bitcoin has been the best performing asset of the past ten years. An investment of £100 in 2010 would be worth roughly £1.5 million today. This sheer price increase is better than any stock, bond or commodity before it, and the price has only trended upwards since its inception. Therefore, I aim to help educate millions of people about this new currency and help them to become involved with one of the fastest-growing assets and industries. The trouble with many of the books, papers and resources I have read over the past few years is that they struggle to explain bitcoin in such simple terms that even your Grandma could understand it. Many “experts” scramble to address 99% of the people who do not understand bitcoin and write and make content for people who already understand the technology. The issue with any new technology or industry is the steep learning curve of brand-new information. The problem with bitcoin that these “experts” fail to teach you is the wide range of information surrounding the industry that is needed to understand, such as the role that money plays or what quantitative easing is. My goal is to educate people from complete beginners like your Grandma, to the tech-savvy individuals that already understand what bitcoin is. This book is from the perspective of someone who isn’t aware and overwhelmed by bitcoin, similar to the people reading this book. It is not from the perspective of a published author or a scholar who uses complex and confusing terms that only experts in the industry understand. I am to release the book by Q1 of 2021. 

What will the book cover? 

The book will cover a wide range of topics, including bitcoin from many different perspectives. The book has over 50 different topic sections ranging from something simple that provides an overview of bitcoin to more complex issues surrounding the government’s monetary policies and how China is leading the way for government-backed cryptocurrency. The book will teach you the most fundamental aspects of bitcoins, such as who invented it, how to buy it and how to navigate the industry safely. Yet, it will also discuss the fascinating history behind bitcoin and original use in silk road, the role of central banks and how odd printing traditional currencies out of thin air at rates unheard of is. The modern digital economy is the world of bitcoin, and many industries such as health care, finance and supply chains use the technology behind bitcoin. The book will delve into how many currently use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, what the barriers to adoption are and what the future prospects of bitcoin and blockchain are. The book will also cover a range of subjects such as investment strategies, how to store your coins safely, common mistakes and what experience has taught me.

How to stay connected 

To discover more information on content, news updates and general cryptocurrency information, you can find me here: Instagram: @Bitcoinsimplfied, Twitter: @btc_simplified, Website: I will be regularly posting on these platforms, so make sure you stay connected and follow.   

What can you expect in the future? 

I am currently working on the bitcoin simplified book, but this is the first of many steps towards so much more educational content. My team and I are going to be creating educational YouTube videos, blog updates and e-books as tools to help further educate about bitcoin. I want people to be able to consume information across a wide range of platforms, and this book is just the beginning.