Naseeff Ramzi heard about bitcoin for the first time on the news in December 2015. However, he did not take much notice of it as he was quite young. Ramzi first started paying attention to bitcoin upon meeting a business tycoon through a friend’s cousin named Alex. He had no idea how Alex made his fortune until he later revealed that he was an early bitcoin investor. This random encounter turned out to become the most important conversation of Ramzi’s life.

At this point in his life, back in 2016, at the age of 17, he was saving up for a car. He also made thousands of pounds from selling FIFA coins, which is a form of virtual money from EA sports. Alex had told him about bitcoin after Ramzi explained how he had made over £8000 from virtual reality coins. He informed Alex that “Once I pass my driving test, I plan to get a nice car”. Many of his friends had already been gifted cars for their 17th birthday. But Ramzi’s family were not in a financial position to buy him a car for his 17th birthday. Ramzi was motivated by the fact his parents didn’t have enough money. While most of his peers had things, like a car, handed to them on a plate; his parents being unable to do the same fuelled him to excel in life. He soon understood that his peers never appreciated it. And having to work hard for the things he wanted in life, without the handouts, helped Ramzi become an entrepreneur from a young age.

On 22nd August 2016, Alex told Ramzi something that would forever stick with him. Alex stated, “I have millions of pounds of my wealth stored virtually”. Ramzi and his friend looked at each other with disbelief and thought, “This guy is crazy!”. However, at this point, they were very intrigued. He then stated, “I’ve got millions of pounds in bitcoin, a cryptocurrency. I store my money on the internet through something called a blockchain, and I protect it with 12 random words.”

These words gave Ramzi the motivation to invest his money. At this point, one bitcoin was worth just £447.60. The bitcoin investor told him not to waste his money on an expensive car, but instead consider investing his money into bitcoin. But Ramzi appeared to take little notice. However, that would turn out to be one of the biggest regrets of his life. Ramzi ended up buying an expensive car, thinking nothing of bitcoin. One year later, on 22nd August 2017, the value of one bitcoin had risen to around £3,300, and 4 months after that day bitcoin went up to £15,000. But Ramzi had spent most of his wealth at the time (£11,200) on a BMW.  If only he had instead listened to the investor and invested more of his funds, his net worth would’ve been over £250,000. But he learned his mistake by being young and ignorant. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise since this is what got Ramzi into bitcoin. Since then, he has carefully analysed the market experience, experienced the highs, the lows, and the rollercoaster of emotions that came with it. With the foundation laid out, Ramzi began his bitcoin journey at the age of 17.

Naseeff Ramzi is a 21-year-old student studying Business management at the University of Portsmouth. He began investing in bitcoin at the age of 17 with little support and guidance. But Ramzi was forced to navigate the industry and learn about the intricacies of bitcoin on his own. Now he wants to help teach others what he has spent the last five years learning, and how investors can leverage his knowledge to make money in the cryptocurrency industry. Ramzi plans to help others understand what bitcoin is and how they can get involved with bitcoin. This guide aims to be so simplistic that anyone can gain some basic understanding of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, including those who aren’t as technologically savvy. If you compare Bitcoin to its fiat counterparts such as the Pound, Dollar, and Yuan, it is unique. Central banks have not had a good track record with sustaining currencies purchasing power, with some countries having experienced hyperinflation (Germany, Zimbabwe, Venezuela etc…)

Fiat currencies have had an unlimited supply, meaning central banks have the authority to continue printing money as they see fit. And central banks have destroyed many fiat currencies values throughout the years. However, Alternatively, due to Bitcoin having a fixed supply, there is a limited amount that won’t print. Bitcoin has an unfaltering fixed supply of 21 million.

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 when the great recession occurred.  Banks went bankrupt, and the general public lost trust in the global banking system.

The 2008 banking crisis is responsible for the creation of the first cryptocurrency. It was Satoshi’s idea to create a decentralised currency that couldn’t be controlled by governments and central banks. Following the creation of the Bitcoin, many new cryptocurrencies have emerged to compete against it and show the potential of its underlying technology, blockchain. However, Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency today, with around 65% of the total market capitalisation. Not only have people drawn comparisons between gold and Bitcoin, but it is also known as a safe haven aspect. It has also been labelled as ‘digital gold’ since its value is often uncorrelated to equities and the bond market. It also has similar underlying characteristics as gold.

Bitcoin offers the highest return of all asset classes, making it the investment of the decade. In 2017, Bitcoin rose to around £15,900 ($20,000) the highest price level in history, for context Bitcoin was £160 in 2013. However, upon creation, its value was virtually zero. And since its inception, people have been losing faith in traditional financial systems and are choosing to put their trust and wealth in new digital currencies like Bitcoin.

Ramzi discusses how cryptocurrency is going to be one of the best investments of the century. And with its trajectory continuously looking up, Bitcoin is currently the best performing asset of the last decade. Many people think that Bitcoin is a risky investment. However, Ramzi argues that Bitcoin is only a risk to people who don’t understand it. They also fail to understand the deep routed floors of the current monetary system. According to Ramzi, most millionaires and billionaires took significant risks to get to where they are today. And he closely resonates to Steve Jobs’ philosophy “think differently”. Serious changes need to occur within the current financial system, and an unconventional approach through something like Bitcoin could be the solution to some of these issues. Ramzi states that by continuing to spend your money on worldly things like brand new BMWs and the inability to invest and multiply your wealth, you will most likely find yourself stuck in the rat race like the rest of society.

The young crypto investor is currently working on a book to inspire and provide knowledge to future generations, including those who can see the flaws of today’s financial system. He states that he is not a Bitcoin trader, but a bitcoin investor instead. According to Ramzi, Bitcoin trading is time-consuming and risky, which is something a majority of people that want to gain exposure to the asset would find suitable. Bitcoin investing involves a great deal of research and patience and is historically volatile. However, with the right guidance, this volatility can be leveraged to make money and build wealth.

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