Bitcoin VS Gold

Extract from the unreleased book 'Bitcoin Simplified' By Naseeff Ramzi The bubble, typically, is a short or extended period depending on the market. And many often link bitcoin to gold - since many look at it as one of the safest investments. Sometimes even during stages of

Naseeff Ramzi’s Book Release

Meet Naseeff Ramzi  I'm Naseeff, a 21-year-old student studying at the University of Portsmouth. In 2016, I came across bitcoin due to a friend's relative. What intrigued me was that they made a fortune by investing in bitcoin early. I was so intrigued that I spent the

How Bitcoin Changed Naseeff Ramzi’s Life?

Naseeff Ramzi heard about bitcoin for the first time on the news in December 2015. However, he did not take much notice of it as he was quite young. Ramzi first started paying attention to bitcoin upon meeting a business tycoon through a friend's cousin named

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