After being introduced in 2009, Bitcoin became one of the first cryptocurrency. However, there have been so many more after that were a modified version of it that had varying levels of success. Some of them are Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, NEO, and more.

So how is bitcoin different than these?

Despite being the first, there are more than 2000 currencies in the virtual market, each with a different purpose. However, despite its drawbacks, Bitcoin is the most valued token. But due to having the slowest networks, Bitcoin cash has it beat in that aspect. Other cryptocurrencies seem to be faster too, XRP being the fastest.

Bitcoin is an alternate source of payment, one with zero interference from an outside body for the transaction verification. But now, various others do the same job, just faster. Regardless, they aren’t as reliable as bitcoin.

Many involved in bitcoin consider transaction and confirmation speed as moot points since zero-confirmation transactions are allowed by most merchants for purchases. However, even though a transaction is instant, the network confirms it while it generates.