Seeing how we have been in this niche from an early stage, our objective is to spread the word regarding bitcoin to the globe. With over 100 million bitcoin users, it is clear to say cryptocurrency is on the rise. Bitcoin has made millions of users wealthy and boosted countries economy. We are here to guide you through your success.

Thousands interested in bitcoin found their way to @BitcoinSimplified through its website, social media, articles, videos, and Youtube. It also created numerous articles upon searching their website and is widely sourced in media including Medium, Yahoo, BuzzFeed,  and many more platforms.

We believe that cryptocurrencies will revolutionise the Fintech industry and radically change the global wealth distribution, so it’s essential to be cutting edge. With significant connections in the crypto world – from investing in bitcoin early. Bitcoin being the investment of the decade, we take much pride in what we do and passion in our field. From numerous articles crediting our abilities and skills, we are keen to reach our goals in helping millions of users.

@BitcoinSimplified has a large community on social media and has step-by-step guides to get you started.
With rich experience in investing and trading in different markets, we continuously improve our technical analysis skills, and research fundamentals of bitcoin.

Throughout my career, we have been disappointed with the shortage of quality currency trading books authored by real market professionals.

Therefore I’m creating books that will bring value and give you all the knowledge you need to get started with cryptocurrency. We are working on numerous projects such as free e-books to detailed books that will provide users with confidence, to begin with, bitcoin. We will be providing free online courses and paid online course for beginners to advanced users. We have recently also created a YouTube channel with useful and creative content targeted towards starters and experts.  Since the launch of @BitcoinSimplified, our community has grown vastly, and the engagement had inspired us to carry on.

Naseeff Ramzi

CEO of Bitcoin Simplified

“Cryptocurrency – Your own bank, Your own decisions. The future of money.”

Peter Watson

COO of Bitcoin Simplified

“Cryptocurrency is a way to help bank the unbanked and provide financial inclusion to those who need it the most”

Matthew Humphryes

CTO of Bitcoin Simplified

“Cryptocurrencies are the future of money. Increasing consumer engagement paralleled with growing avenues of tradability converge a prosperous path for digital assets.”