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@BitcoinSimplified has helped many users in educating and spreading awareness of bitcoin. Do you want to get involved with the investment of the decade?

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@BitcoinSimplified has helped many users educate and spread awareness regarding bitcoin. Do you want to get involved with the investment of the decade?

From being involved with bitcoin before the hype, our mission is to spread our knowledge across the world. With many years of experience, we have assessed the mistakes that are upcoming for users. After careful consideration, we have come up with step-by-step guides for beginners to advanced users.

Due to crypto-assets being highly volatile, many traders endure sleepless nights and extreme stress. So to avoid that, I must provide people with all the knowledge they need to invest and trade on the crypto market carefree. We do not encourage day trading as this is not our field of expertise, with over 80% of day traders failing. We have a high success rate in executing successful investments and taking advantage of the highly volatile market to maximise revenue. We often hear that it is too late to invest in bitcoin, but in March 2020 bitcoins price dropped to approximately $4,500 (£3,500). Then after the price started to increase and in August of 2020 bitcoins price reached $12,607 (£9,500) more than doubling its value in just under six months!

From just showing one recent comparison in the price of 2020 let alone the previous years, showing the profit bitcoin holds if users have patience. We understand this may be exciting and you would like to get stuck in right away. Before investing large sums of money, you must gain experience in investing with smaller amounts of funds. When new users start to invest in bitcoin, they tend to trade with emotions, this what causes users to lose money. When beginners start to invest in cryptocurrencies, users typically are consistently watching their funds and feel emotions when the price of bitcoin changes. This is one of many mistakes you could face at the beginning of their journey. We can not stress enough that to become a successful investor, you must spend time learning and have patience. Many people believe bitcoin is a get rich overnight scheme but this not the case. We have experienced many of the problems you will face, and we have designed many methods in order to educate you and support you through your success.

Throughout my career, I have been disappointed with the shortage of quality currency trading books authored by real market professionals.
Therefore I’m creating books that will bring value and give you all the knowledge you need to get started with cryptocurrency.

Our community has since grown immensely, and we continue to motivate and support users on social media @BitcoinSimplified.

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